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Education & Accreditation Committee


PAQS Education & Accreditation Committee 2019 Report


  1. Election of Chairman and Secretary:
    1. Sr Chua Siwo Leng re-elected as the Chairman (RISM)
    2. Mr Goh Ngan Hong (SISV) as the Deputy Chairman
    3. Prof. Sr Dr Hij Wan Maimun (RISM) as the Secretary


  1. PAQS Accreditation Visits and Report by Panel Chairs


The Committee agreed to grant accreditation to the following programmes. 

  1. Tianjin University of Technology, China; Bachelor of Management (majoring in engineering cost)
    1. UNITEC, NZ ; Bachelor of Construction major in Construction Economics (CE)
  2. ARA University, NZ ; Bachelor of Construction with specialization in Quantity Surveying


For Tianjin University of Technology, the Committee agreed to grant accreditation in principle subject to checking with the relevant authority in China such as the Ministry of Education.  Tianjin University of Technology will be the first University in China accredited by the PAQS.  HKIS will convey to Committee for any comment or concern on the case of Tianjin University of Technology after deliberation in the Council Meeting. 


  1. Accreditation of Graduate Diploma


The accreditation of the Graduate Diploma in Quantity Surveying by ARA University was discussed. Institutions have different views on the accreditation. It was resolved the programme was accredited with five countries opt-in and four countries opt-out, including Singapore, Australia and HK, for the accreditation.








Meeting in 2019

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