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AGM and the First Annual Congress of The Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors (PAQS)

AGM and the First Annual Congress of The Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors (PAQS)

[This Report is extracted from HKIS Newsletter (Vol 6 Issue 6 Jul/Aug 1997 was prepared by Mr Adrian Smith.]


The PAQS held its AGM and First Annual Congress in Singapore from 12th-16th May 1997. The PAQS was founded in 1994 to bring together associations of quantity surveyors practising in the Asia Pacific region.

Professor Dennis Lenard (AIQS) came to the end of his two year term as Chair of the Association this year, and Mr Edward Tang, President of SISV took over the chair for the next two years. Mr Peter Beddek (NZIQS) was elected vice chairman and will take over the chair in 1999. Mr Adrian Smith (HKIS) was elected second vice chairman, and HKIS can therefore expect to take over the chair in 2001 . The application for membership submitted by the Institute o f Surveyors Malaysia was accepted and they were warmly welcomed as the latest PAQS member. Key issues discussed at this y e a r’s AGM included:-

1. Promotion of the quantity surveying profession in the region

Members noted that quantity surveying was now established in a number of developing countries in the region, but that no new local professional institution(s) had yet emerged. It was suggested that PAQS may attem pt to work towards encouraging the formation of such groups, perhaps by working together with the larger quantity surveying practices in the region.

2. The relationship between quantity surveying and cost engineering

One session was devoted to a meeting of the In te rn a tio n a l C ost Engineering Council (ICEC) Region 4 Group, of which HKIS is also a m em ber. A n u m b e r o f issues o f common interest were discussed. Prior to the meeting, the ICEC representatives had visited Beijing and Shanghai to deliver seminars on cost engineering. Two representatives of the First Surveying Company of Shanghai, Mr Xu Sheng Mo and Mr Jimmy Wu, attended this part o f the meeting as observers. It was agreed that representatives from China would be invited to attend next year’s PAQS meeting as observers.

3. The desirability of common standards of education and professional competence between member bodies

Members felt that portability of qualifications around the region will become increasingly important. A “competence based” approach was suggested. Discussions were also held between HKIS and SISV about the possibility of establishing a reciprocity agreement.

4. The need for a review of existing Codes of Conduct to reflect the needs of members working in countries where no professional institutions presently exist

Cultural and business practices in developing countries in the region may be very different from those pertaining elsewhere. Mr Adrian Smith presented a background paper arguing for a review of existing Codes of Conduct with a view to developing a new ethical code which would be generally acceptable throughout the region. Members agreed with the principle and will discuss the issue with their own organisations with a view to raising the necessary funding for an in-depth study.

The next PAQS meeting will be held in New Zealand in June 1998.

The First Annual Congress

The Congress was attended by 113 representives from many countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Brunei, Japan, Australia, New Z ealand, Korea, India, USA and the United Kingdom. A wide range of high quality papers was presented. The whole event was flawlessly organised by SISV.


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