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PAQS Conference 2019, Kuching, Malaysia - Report on BIM Committee

PAQS Conference 2019, Kuching, Malaysia

Report on BIM Committee


Dear PAQS Board Members,


1.       The 6th meeting of the BIM Committee was held yesterday, 23 August 2019, at Pullman Hotel, Kuching.  Fifteen participants from nine countries had joined the meeting.    


2.       The office bearers for the three-year term (2018/19 to 2020/21) are –

          Chairman:            Sr Sunny SL CHOI                  (HKIS)

          Vice-chairman      Sr Andrew Brady                    (AIQS)

          Secretary              Sr Sharifah Noraini Noreen     (RISM)


3.       The representatives of each country members had presented the latest BIM development in their countries.  As usual, some countries’ BIM implementation had been moving a bit faster than the others but the later were picking up.  It was a consensus that the support of client especially government was essential to push BIM development and implementation. Clients’ awareness of benefits of BIM adoption for cost management had to be enhanced, which would have positive effect on requiring designers to improve the adequacy and quality of information in BIM models.  


4.       AIQS, NZIQS, SISV had already documented some best BIM practices or BIM attribute requirements for communication with clients and designers.  RISM prepared the latest update of the New Rules of Measurement, Malaysia (NRMM) and would present in this Congress 2019.  HKIS had also started the drafting of “BIM Model Information Requirements to Facilitate Quantity Take-off”.    Members agreed that when quantity surveyors of different countries had formulated some basic framework on model information requirements, the collective forces would be great and effective to promulgate what quantity surveyors want from BIM models.


5.       To enhance the sharing of information and update on BIM development among members of BIM Committee, a private share folder would be created for members to upload and download information or documentation.


6.       Thank RISM for putting great effort in arranging a BIM Workshop this year.



Reported by Sr Sunny SL CHOI of HKIS

23 August 2019